ECOCHARGE takes significant step towards market launch

Combined as one single, two-stage turbocharging system, MAN TCR20 and MAN TCX17 had a first run on a MAN 12V35/44 gas engine. 

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TCR Turbocharger

In excellent shape

MAN Turbochargers have been developed to provide a robust and reliable platform for engine applications from 300 kW up to 30,000 kW output per turbocharger.

TCA - The benchmark

Put your mind at ease

MAN Diesel & Turbo provides a worldwide, round-the-clock, one stop service for turbochargers, diesel and gas engines, 365 days a year.

TCT - The Best Overall Package WEB

The Best Overall Package

Coming soon: The new TCT Turbocharger for 2-stroke engines.


Aspiring to turbocharger perfection

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of large exhaust gas turbochargers for low and medium speed diesel and gas engines.

The new TCX turbocharger for two-stage turbocharging


By means of two-stage turbocharging the charge air pressure can be increased substantially. The result is higher power density and, in conjunction with Miller engine cycle, reduced exhaust emissions and lower fuel consumption. With the TCX series MAN Diesel & Turbo has developed a turbocharger especially suited for two-stage turbocharging of two- and four-stroke diesel and gas engines.



Turbocharger selection for
2-stroke engines


Upon your individual engine configuration, the application quickly provides information on suitable turbocharger choices. For MAN turbochargers the application calculates fuel savings for optionally available variable turbine area VTA.

Turbocharger Selection

Industrial applications

Industrial Applications

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Marine Applications

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Power Applications

Power Applications

MAN turbochargers and WHR systems